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The Best of Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels [Videos]

Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels were born months apart in 1965 and began their wrestling careers in the early 1980s. Coincidently both wrestlers would make their WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania V in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1989, however, Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart would have very different careers ahead of them.

While both wrestlers would be featured in numerous main event matches in the WWF, Owen would tragically die in the ring on May 23, 1999, shortly after his 34th birthday. Shawn would continue to be associated with the WWE for 30 years, becoming one of the best professional wrestlers of all time.

Below are a series of matches between Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels beginning in 1993 and ending in December 1997.

1993 Match

1993 Survivor Series Match

1994 Interview

1995 Match

1996 Matches

1997 Matches

Owen Hart - Wrestling Organization History
Stampede Wrestling (1983-1987; 1989)
New Japan Pro Wrestling (1987-1988)
World Wrestling Federation (1988-1989; 1991-1999)
Catch Wrestling Association (1990-1991)
Universal Wrestling Association (1991)
World Championship Wrestling (1991)

Shawn Michaels - Wrestling Organization History
National Wrestling Alliance (1984-1985)
Texas All-Star Wrestling (1985-1986)
American Wrestling Association (1986-1987; 1988)
World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (1987; 1988-2000; 2002-2018)