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WRESTLEMANIA VIII: WWF Champion Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan [Rare Videos]

As with many happenings in professional wrestling, matches at events can change based on a number of different factors and circumstances. The "booker" (the person in charge of setting up matches) of the event may have an idea for a match, however, the willingness of the wrestlers, the health of the wrestlers, or simply a change of ideas, can completely change or eliminate a match altogether.

After Ric Flair won the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship on January 19, 1992, in Albany, New York, a World Wrestling Federation Press Conference was held to announce Flair's challenger for the title in a match to later be held on April 5, 1992, at WrestleMania VIII. During the WWF Press Conference, it was announced by WWF President Jack Tunney, that Flair's challenger would be Hulk Hogan.

WWF Champion Ric Flair's Speech

Jack Tunney's Methodical Announcement 

Newly announced WrestleMania VIII Challenger Hulk Hogan's Speech

Reactions from Randy Savage and Sid Justice

This press conference, the announcement of Hulk Hogan as Flair's challenger at WrestleMania VIII, and the reactions of Sid Justice and Randy Savage could have been a set up for the double Main Event that actually took place involving the matches of Hulk Hogan versus Sid Justice and Ric Flair versus "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Vince McMahon and the powers at the WWF at the time are the only ones that know for sure if Ric Flair versus Hulk Hogan match was actually planned at WrestleMania, or a clever device used to set up the Hulk Hogan versus Sid Justice match.

Hulk Hogan says he has a "special place" in his heart for Ric Flair

Promo featuring Mr. Perfect, Sid Justice, and WWF Champion Ric Flair

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair in February 2018
TMZ Video Clip Source: 2018 EHM PRODUCTIONS, INC

As a preview of the WrestleMania VIII match that never occurred, Hulk Hogan went up against Ric Flair on November 30, 1991, at Madison Square Garden.

Hulk Hogan speaks about Ric Flair in 1991
Interviewer: Gene Okerlund

Ric Flair with Bobby Heenan speak about Hogan in 1991
Interviewer: Sean Mooney

Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair
Madison Square Garden Network
Commentators: Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan

History: Celebrating the impact of the Junkyard Dog [Videos]

Born Sylvester Ritter in North Carolina, the man who would be known as many different ring names saw his biggest success as the Junkyard Dog (or JYD for short) in the NWA and WWF. Throughout much of the 1980s, JYD was one of the most popular wrestlers in the industry. The uniqueness and raspy voice of JYD received huge fan support and his interviews with the likes of "Mean" Gene Okerlund are pure 1980s pro wrestling entertainment.

The man known as the Junkyard Dog

Enjoy the following videos showing some of JYD's magic during his time as a professional wrestler.

WWE Tribute Video to the Junkyard Dog, made in 2004.

WWE Tribute video to the Junkyard Dog, made in 2015.

Gene Okerlund interviews the Junkyard Dog in October 1984.

Gene Okerlund interviews the Junkyard Dog in 1985.

Gene Okerlund interviews the Junkyard Dog and Haiti Kid in 1986.

Jimmy Hart, Adrian Adonis, and Junkyard Dog in 1986.

The Junkyard Dog & Davy Boy Smith face off with the Hart Foundation, January 11, 1987.

Bret Hart: The Best Wrestler From 1992-1997, Five Years of Excellence [Videos]

Bret Hart
Beginning with his August 29, 1992 match against the British Bulldog in London, England, Bret Hart started his five year reign as the best wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation. From 1992 to 1997, Hart held the WWF Heavyweight Championship title five times and wrestled in 144 high profile matches. In fact, Hart was recognized by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine multiple times during this time span. Hart was nominated as Best Pro Wrestler four times; winning the Match of the Year in 1992, 1996, and 1997; winning the Feud of the Year in 1993 and 1994; nominated as the Most Popular Wrestler in 1993 and 1994; winning the Inspirational Wrestler of the Year in 1994; winning the Comeback of the Year Award and the Most Hated Wrestler in 1997; and ultimately presented with the Lifetime Achievement Editor's Award in 2003. In addition, Hart was recognized by the World Wrestling Federation as the Superstar of the Year in 1993 and won a combined five "Slammy" awards in 1994, 1996, and 1997.

Below are 30 Bret Hart Highlight Matches during this time frame:

  • SummerSlam '92, 8/29/92: vs The British Bulldog (David Smith)
  • WWF Superstars of Wrestling Taping #318, 10/12/92: vs Ric Flair
  • WWF Saturday Night's Main Event Taping, 10/27/92: vs Papa Shango (Charles Wright)
  • Survivor Series '92, 11/25/92: vs Shawn Michaels
  • Royal Rumble '93, 1/24/93: vs Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)
  • MSG Show, 3/21/93: with Mr. Perfect (Curt Henning) vs Lex Luger and Razor Ramon
  • King of the Ring, 6/13/93: vs Razor Ramon; vs Mr. Perfect
  • Royal Rumble: 1/24/94: co-winner of the 30-man Royal Rumble Match
  • WrestleMania X: 3/20/94: vs Owen Hart; vs Yokozuna
  • WWF Monday Night Raw Taping, 7/1/94: vs 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman)
  • WWF Superstars of Wrestling Taping #409, 7/3/94: vs Bob Backlund
  • SummerSlam '94, 8/29/94: vs Owen Hart in a Steel Cage
  • WWF In Your House, 5/14/95: vs Hakushi
  • WWF Superstars of Wrestling Taping #475, 10/24/95: vs Sycho Sid (Sid Eudy)
  • Survivor Series '95, 11/19/95: vs Diesel (Kevin Nash)
  • MSG Show, 11/25/95: vs The Undertaker
  • WWF In Your House 5, 12/17/95: vs The British Bulldog
  • WWF In Your House 6, 2/18/96: vs Diesel in a Steel Cage
  • WWF Monday Night Raw Taping, 2/19/96: vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Paul Michael Levesque)
  • WrestleMania XII, 3/31/96: vs Shawn Michaels
  • Survivor Series '96, 11/17/96: vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (Steve Williams)
  • Royal Rumble '97, 1/19/97: Royal Rumble Match
  • WWF In Your House 13, 2/24/97: vs Steve Austin, Vader, and The Undertaker
  • WrestleMania 13, 3/23/97: vs Steve Austin
  • WWF In Your House 16, 7/6/97: "The Hart Foundation" vs Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust, and The Legion of Doom
  • SummerSlam, 8/3/97: vs The Undertaker, with Special Guest Referee Shawn Michaels
  • WWF One Night Only, 9/20/97: vs The Undertaker
  • Survivor Series '97, 11/9/97: vs Shawn Michaels

Bret Hart's first WWF World Heavyweight Championship win retrospective 

Bret Hart Interview about winning his first WWF World Heavyweight Championship

From one of the best matches of Bret Hart's career (3/23/1997)

The full match can be found on the WWE Network

The Ultimate Challenge: Champion vs. Champion [Videos]

The build-up to the match started at the 1990 WWF Royal Rumble where the Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior went face to face for a brief encounter that excited the fans and the matchmakers of the World Wrestling Federation.

WWF President Jack Tunney announces WrestleMania Main Event
WWF Special Report

Now imagine this: April Fool's Day, April 1, 1990, nearly 68,000 people attending a professional wrestling event to witness Hulk Hogan, the World Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion against The Ultimate Warrior, the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion in a Title vs Title Match.

WrestleMania IV Promo
Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior

Named 1990's "Match of the Year" by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine readers, the match lasted almost 23 minutes and ended with a clean pinfall. The Ultimate Warrior went on to hold the WWF World Heavyweight Championship for 293 days. Hulk Hogan wouldn't become WWF Champion again until he defeated Sgt. Slaughter on March 24, 1991.

Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior face-off
Royal Rumble - January 21, 1990

The Ultimate Warrior promo on Hulk Hogan
February 4, 1990

The Ultimate Warrior promo on Hulk Hogan
The Main Event - February 23, 1990

Hulk Hogan promo on The Ultimate Warrior
March 1990

The contract signing between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior
March 25, 1990

Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior
April 1, 1990

Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior
Survivor Series - November 22, 1990