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Vintage Wrestlers: Vincent Lopez [Videos]

Vincent Lopez was born Daniel Vincent Lopez DeVinaspre in Meridian, Idaho on July 24, 1908. Lopez was the son of Spanish immigrants and was a standout football player while in high school.

Lopez entered professional wrestling in early 1930 gaining tremendous experience traveling throughout the world to exotic locations in Australia, Hawaii, and South America. On his 27th birthday, in Los Angeles, California, Lopez defeated Man Mountian Dean in the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship tournament final.

Vincent Lopez vs Man Mountain Dean
July 24, 1935 - Los Angeles, California
Silent Video

Lopez was mainly known as a "bad guy" and the fans loved to hate him. Lopez held the World Heavyweight Championship for over a year, defending the title against the likes of Gino Garibaldi, George Calzi, and Howard Cantonwine.

On April 27, 1936, Vincent Lopez was presented with the “Lou Daro World Heavyweight Championship Trophy” by Civil Service Commission President George Lyon.  Lyon was acting on behalf of Los Angeles Mayor Frank Shaw.  The presentation was made at a special luncheon at the Biltmore Hotel. Among the others in attendance were promoter Jack Daro, matchmaker Joe “Toots” Mondt, and the Los Angeles Chief of Police Davis.

On August 19, 1936, a historic three falls match between Vincent Lopez and Dave Levin took place at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, California. Coming from different parts of the county and different organizational championship lines, both Levin and Lopez claimed to be the world champion. Lopez would lose two of the three falls and Levin was declared the victor. In classic "bad guy style," after the loss, Lopez proclaimed that he was robbed of the victory, and blamed referee McCullough.

Lopez would continue to wrestle for over 25 years facing champions and upstart wrestlers alike.

Bronko Nagurski vs Vincent Lopez
August 11, 1937 - Los Angeles, California
Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship Match

Vincent Lopez involved in a Tornado Tag Team Match
March 28, 1940 - Hollywood, California

Cowboy Carlson vs Vincent Lopez
May 8, 1953 - Chicago, Illinois

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