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Bobby Heenan and the members of "The Heenan Family"

Although Bobby Heenan started his professional wrestling career in the mid-1960s, he is best known as a manager of some of the best (and not so nice) professional wrestlers in the late 1970s and 1980s. Hired by the World Wrestling Federation in 1984, Heenan soon became globally known for his "managerial" and commentary talents.

Professional wrestlers that Heenan managed included: Blackjack Lanza, Blackjack Mulligan, Bobby Duncum, Ken Patera, Mr. Saito, Nick Bockwinkel, Ray Stevens, Stan Hansen, Super Destroyer, Austin Idol, Bobby Jaggers, Ernie Ladd, Karl Kox, Bill Eadie, Professor Toru Tanaka, Ron Bass, Angelo Poffo, Baron von Raschke, Chris Markoff, King Kong Bundy, The Missing Link, Mr. PerfectPaul Orndorff, Terry Taylor, Rick Rude, Tama, The Barbarian, Jimmy Valiant, Johnny Valiant, Adrian Adonis, André the Giant, The Barbarian, Big John Studd, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Brooklyn Brawler, Buddy Rose, Haku, Harley Race, Hercules, Ken Patera and Ric Flair.

in a 1986 WWF Promotionalnal photo