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WWE Champions (1963-1997)

Since 1963, holding the top championship title in the WWE has been a sign or respect and a representation of the wrestling organization. In addition, the holder of the top championship title received the biggest payday and was often seen in the wrestling card's main event. Although there have been "transition champions,*" for the most part the holder of the top title meant a long-term life change for the title holder. 

1. Buddy Rogers, 2. Bruno Sammartino, 3. Ivan Koloff,* 4. Pedro Morales, 5. Stan Stasiak,* 6. Superstar Billy Graham, 7. Bob Backlund, 8. The Iron Sheik,* 9. Hulk Hogan, 10. Andre the Giant*

11. Randy Savage, 12. Ultimate Warrior, 13. Sgt. Slaughter, 14. The Undertaker, 15. Ric Flair, 16. Bret Hart, 17. Yokozuna, 18. Diesel, 19. Shawn Michaels, 20. Sycho Sid 

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