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IMPACT WRESTLING Promotes Kurt Angle vs. RVD [VIDEO]

Video and Photo credit: © 2011 TNA Entertainment, LLC.


A. Barie said...

Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle

The bell rings and this match has started. They walk around the ring. They lock-up and Kurt does a quick headlock. RVD throws Kurt in the ropes, but Kurt does a shoulder block. Kurt brings RVD up. Kurt runs in the ropes, but Rob does a spinning heel kick and then a super kick to the head. He does rolling thunder and Kurt gets out of the ring to re-group. Kurt gets back in and they lock-up again. Kurt does another headlock and this time he takes him down. RVD gets to his feet with the lock still applied. Rob throws Angle in the ropes again and Kurt does another shoulder block. RVD gets up though and gets Kurt. He puts him in the corner and then jumps on him and flips him half way across the ring. He gets Kurt up and throws him in the ropes. Kurt goes right to Rob and locks his hands around the waist and does a bell to belly suplex. Kurt works on the gut of Rob. Rob gets up though and runs into the ropes, but Angle hits him with the kitchen sink and continues the beatdown. He does a chinlock as RVD is trying to reach for the ropes.

He changes it to a chokehold, but RVD gets to his feet and elbows his way out of it. Kurt grabs Rob's head and goes to ram it into the corner, but RVD kicks Kurt right in the face. Both fall. Both slowly get up now. Kurt goes for a punch, but RVD blocked it and hit one. RVD comes back as he does a spinning kick to Kurt and then whips him in the corner. He does a shoulder tackle. Rob goes to the top rope and attacks Angle more. Both get up and now Kurt comes back. He goes for an angle slam, but RVD reverses it with a DDT. RVD slowly gets up as he uses the corner to. Rob climbs the corner. He's at the top, but Kurt runs up the corner and throws Rob all the way across the ring. Kurt then locks on his famous ankle lock! He has it locked in. RVD is in the middle of the ring. He reaches for the ropes, but he is nowhere near it. Rob twists around and kicks Kurt right in the head. He then hits Kurt again. Rob jumps to the top rope and goes for the 5 star frog splash, but Kurt moves. Kurt grabs Rob and hits the angle slam and gets the pin. Winner: Kurt Angle

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